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Go Higher Summit is the #1 event for Rainbow Community members interested in personal development.  It’s not just another conference.

It’s a group of amazing rainbow community thought leaders sharing their be and innovative ideas in their space with the rainbow community ABOUT the rainbow community!

You could share your personal journey, a deep dive on actionable guides about a topic, or even an important community issue.  

Go Higher Summit is tailored to be a positive and high-quality summit, focused on improvement and growth.  

Review the basics below and apply to be one of our speakers.  Every submission will be reviewed and someone from the team will be in touch.  

We can’t wait to review your application!


1. Presentation Outline

Presentations can be live OR pre-recorded.  Unless otherwise agreed, your scheduled slot will be for 55 minutes.  Of that time, you will have between 30-40 minutes for a presentation and 15-20 minutes for an interview or audience Q&A session (if live).

2. Positive Focus

Your presentation needs to be focused on a positive topic (and ideally) actionable takeaway our audience can use.  You’re free to highlight issues, but we don’t want to dwell on the negative in the summit. 

3. Teaching Materials

If you are going to have a presentation, slides, handouts (pdfs), etc…, please indicate them so we can understand the technology needs associated with your presentation.  

4.  No Selling or Promotion

This summit will be a sales-free event.  No direct selling from any presentation will be tolerated.  We understand you will want to have members connect with you, and we would be thrilled to include that information in the daily schedule as well as emails and your speaker bio page.

Nimrod Barshad
Sculptor, Conceptual Artist
Nimrod Barshad
Painter, Conceptual Artist
Tommy Martinez
Painter, Conceptual Artist

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