Event Speakers

Drummond Fulcher
Life Coach and Positive Space Holder
José Rolón
Dad to 3, Nuptial Maestro
Addison Brasil
Grief Expert Creator and Connector
Rob Roell
Life & Corporate Coach
Mark Flores
Psychotherapist, LCSW, Drag Persona
Mark Cusak
Bisexual Educator and Life Coach
Derrick Carlson
LGBTQi Educator & Advocate
Tamara Moore
LGBTQi Educator & Advocate
Tristan Gatto
Anti-aging and Movement Coach
Siri Lindley
World Champion Athlete
Tommy Laurens
Model, Podcaster and Anxiety Speaker
Aydian Dowling
Trans Man Athlete & Father
Theo Bill
Coach, Speaker & Author
Bart Loesser
Trainer, Professional Skills Coach
August Aiden
Actor, Trans Advocate and Father
Shermain Melton
Chief Courage Officer
Ryse Tottingham
LGBTQi Educator & Advocate
Larry Jacobson
Author, Traveler, and Life Coach
Blake Mitchell
Drag Performer & Advocate
Matt Landsidel
Intuitive Life/Spiritual Coach
Rebekah Keat
World Champion Athlete
Kaelan Strousse
Yogi, Speaker, Coach
Arif & Ricky
LGBT Entrepreneurs
M Shannon Hernandez
Business Coach & LGBT Advocate
John Rodney
Educator & LGBTQ Advocate
Vinnie Potestivo
Podcaster, Talent Agent Extraordinaire
Skye Tooley
LGBTQi Educator & Advocate
Adrian Lancaster
LGBTQi+ Educator & Advocate
J Maise III
Black/Trans/Queer Poet & Educator
Jamie Public
Rainbow Community Member