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Maria Hernandez – About

Maria Hernandez (She/Her) is a professional software engineer at a large e-commerce company, who is also a transgender woman and asexual. Her gender identify and sexual orientation were not fully realized until she turned 40, and after she’d been married for almost a decade. Maria is open and honest about the struggles she faces, from […]

Tristan Gatto – About

Tristan Gatto – About

Tristan Gatto is a licensed physical therapist and registered yoga teacher for more than a decade and a best-selling DailyOM course author. He is the creator of Yoga Prehab®, an ultra-safe, customizable method he created to protect the body, relieve pain, build greater strength and mobility, and bring back joy to your everyday life. Tristan […]

August Black – About

August Black – About

August Black was born in Little Compton, Rhode Island the summer of 1994. He became the 3rd of a large family of 7 which provided constant entertainment, chaos, and a deep level of competition. As he grew, August and his two older siblings, all became heavily involved in snowboarding. The three of them would compete […]

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