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Maria Hernandez (She/Her) is a professional software engineer at a large e-commerce company, who is also a transgender woman and asexual. Her gender identify and sexual orientation were not fully realized until she turned 40, and after she’d been married for almost a decade. Maria is open and honest about the struggles she faces, from gender dysphoria to being misunderstood as an asexual, and more. She and her spouse Shannon have offered insight into their relationship in a podcast called The TransLiteration Podcast, which currently has one season of episodes with more likely to come in the future.

All of us who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ (or rainbow community) are marginalized, but some of us less understood, even within our larger community. Asexuality, specifically, is misunderstood by many folks, both in and outside of the rainbow community. During this talk, Maria will offer insight into what Asexuality is and how to be a better ally to aces in the world. You’ll learn about: cake and garlic bread and what they have to do with sex, “the Denmark invasion”, and what most aces mean when they say they want to sleep next to someone they care about (spoiler: it’s about sleeping!)

Talk Overview:

Come listen to Maria Hernandez, a fun and sassy transgender woman and homoromantic asexual, for a candid and enlightening conversation about her journey of self-discovery, navigating asexuality and gender later in life. In this insightful talk, Maria sheds light on the often misunderstood sexual orientation of asexuality and shares her personal experiences with ace erasure and “ace phobia”. With grace and vulnerability, Maria offers valuable tips for becoming a better ally to the asexual community, debunking misconceptions and providing a deeper understanding of asexuality. Maria’s will provide a unique perspective on identity, acceptance, and fostering inclusivity.

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