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August Black was born in Little Compton, Rhode Island the summer of 1994. He became the 3rd of a large family of 7 which provided constant entertainment, chaos, and a deep level of competition. As he grew, August and his two older siblings, all became heavily involved in snowboarding. The three of them would compete and travel across the north east in an effort to make the US nationals. The love of snowboarding took the entire family to Utah to further dedicate them to the winter sport. From this point August was homeschooled to be able to train full time. However August retired this career path junior year of high school after one too many injuries.

College started just as rough as high school ended. When his parents began their divorce in 2012 the family was torn in many directions. This turmoil created a need to escape and that is when August found himself heading to the west coast. A few weeks later he began an intern ship at Silver Pictures in Santa Monica. Writing coverage and grabbing coffees was a gateway to falling in love with scripts and making connections. During his time with Silver Pictures he also worked as a post production assistant and eventually got hired on to work as an executive assistant for a new film company started by the CFO at the time, Steve Richards.

Throughout this bio we have referred to August, as he/him and in his chosen name. But August was born Summer and during these few years she ( past tense ) was not only on a professional journey but a personal one. As a teenager and into the their early twenties finding oneself is on all encompassing mission of creating ones future. For Summer this future was invisible. She could not envision herself getting older, who that person was suppose to be, and what career they were destined to be in. It wasn’t until she joined the queer community of west Hollywood. Found those friends that become family and built a self confidence that this homeschool kid from Utah was missing. Summer knew where she was wasn’t the place she had to be and left the film company to try and become, someone, anyone…

December 31st, 2017 Summer came out as transgender to family, friends, and social media. In their words the transition was transformative in all ways especially the one that was the most freeing; the one that provided the option to become anything they wanted, even an actor. Summer, now August started self promoting on instagram as a #transactor which got him his first job. He became the hero of a music video called “The Village” by Wrabel. The song became an anthem for the trans community. August found himself a minor influencer to those who too felt seen and comforted by the video, his portrayal and Wrabel’s lyrics. This moment was a major turning point in his life. He realized that this was exactly where he was suppose to be and being able to see himself in the mirror was the key to unlocking a dream he never knew he had. They ability to comfortably be seen.

Since then August has added a few notable credits to his resume. Most recently he starred as a young Slim Shady in the 2022 super bowl trailer working directly with F. Gary Grey and Eminem himself. In 2020, the release of a video game called “Tell Me Why” was August’s entrance to voice over. “Tyler Ronan” played by August Black became the first Transgender Protagonist in a major AAA studio game. Tell Me Why was nominated for over 15 awards. Winning 5, including a GLAAD award for Outstanding Video Game of the year. Each achievement further solidifying for him where he will end up.

Today August lives, with long time partner Syd Miller, and their daughter Beau. Beaus entrance into this world was as life changing as most babies, only hers was a complete surprise. Syd and August gave a full breakdown of how they became parents in an interview with popular Youtube series and style gurus @stylelikeyou. They talk about everything including the challenges Beau may still have as she grow older. August continues to make moves on all career fronts while making time for daily Dad jokes.

Talk Overview:

Join August Black, a talented actor, voice over artist, and transgender man, as he takes you on a captivating journey through the various stages of his personal transition. From childhood confusion to finding comfort and identity, August shares his experiences as a living example of authenticity. In this insightful talk, he invites you to explore the transformative power of embracing your true self. Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges, triumphs, and the profound impact that transition can have on one’s life. Discover how stepping through the looking glass of transition opens up a world of possibilities and empowers you to build your best life. Be inspired by August’s resilience and his commitment to sharing his story, shedding light on the transgender community, and creating positive change.

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